Our Services

Sports and Orthopedic

Sports injuries/post surgery through proper treatment we will assist you in regaining skills and maximizing performance in everyday activities.

Pain management

Our therapists are experts in the application of therapeutic modalities combined with strengthening and increasing flexibility to reduce chronic and acute pain.

Back disorders

We focus on evaluating and identifying the source of the spine dysfunction to develop a proper treatment plan according to your condition.


We render treatment to patients all ages with foot and ankle injuries or problems, such as tendinitis, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon injuries, heel pain etc. Our goal is to help restore your function.


Return to your highest level of function and independence all while improving your overall quality of life.


We specialize in motor delay, Autism, Genetic disorders, Chromosomic disorders, Cerebral Palsy, and more in our youth patients.

Post COVID-19 Recovery

Physical Therapy help to bring life after COVID. Once patient recover from COVID symptoms, they may experience general body weakness, lock of endurance, loss of function and difficulty to breath due to hospital stay, bed rest and medication. Physical Therapy intervention will help to recover strength, endurance and vital capacity with our personalized treatment.


We can visit you in a variety of locations including your home, office, assisted living facility, or other community setting.

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